Law Office of R.E. Rick King
Criminal Defense Attorney

Felony Crimes, Misdemeanor Crimes, Weapon Offenses, Drug Crimes

Law Office of R.E. Rick King

Expert Criminal Defense Attorney

Rick King brings the knowledge he acquired during his twenty years of experience working in law enforcement to your case. Mr. King served in various capacities during his police career, such as road patrol officer, street crime unit, Task Force Agent with the Drug Enforcement Agency, Police Sergeant, Lieutenant of patrol and the Detective Bureau.

Mr. King previously worked with the police labor union defending police officers in both criminal and administrative matters. During his time with the police union Mr. King practiced before the Public Relations Employment Commission, the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission and the Division of Administrative Hearings.  Rick King is a regular guest on Court TV

Rick King employs all these experiences to represent his clients in criminal matters throughout the state of Florida. When you are faced with an arrest and potential criminal charges you want an attorney who has the experience and knowledge of the law as well as the understanding of how law enforcement is supposed to conduct their business.

At the Law Firm of Rick King, we never stop learning and advancing our criminal defense approach. We work to implement cutting-edge methods and modern tools to find holes in the prosecution’s case.

Do You Need a Criminal Lawyer?

We know good people can make mistakes and get caught up in an expensive legal system which can be confusing and difficult to navigate. Harsh punishments do not always fit the crime and sometimes people are falsely accused.

A conviction for a criminal charge can have serious consequences. We will fight on your side to protect your reputation and your freedom. We will work hard to help you avoid penalties such as jail time, losing your driver’s or professional license including commercial driver’s license (CDL), high fines, losing your voting rights or ability to carry firearms. You deserve to have someone on your side. If you are under investigation for a crime, have been arrested or have witnessed a crime, talk to a criminal defense lawyer before you say anything to the authorities.

Law Office of R.E. Rick King